Let freedom ring!

Am scris următorul eseu ca o provocare a Ambasadei SUA. Reprezintă ceea ce cred eu despre libertate si politica. 

What makes the American dream so irresistible is not money, power or success, although they are not bad to have – it’s the liberty to persuade them. It all starts with freedom, and someone dreaming about it.

I strongly believe in a Constitution based on the fundamental individual liberties and the Judeo-Christian inheritance that recognizes the eternal value of every single person, where “we, the people” gives sense to the state, government and institutions, as well as in a culture of absolute respect for life, dignity and property.

The Europe of freedom was born long time ago through opposition to the collectivism and despotism that ruled many nations. Surely, the U.S. has proven that a powerful state is a state of powerful individuals in this respect.

I also firmly advocate the rule of law and equality under it which condemns the guilty as the first line of defense for the innocent, and the freedom of press which makes even the most powerful tremble in the face of compromise. 

Lastly, freedom does not come free, it’s through the sacrifice of many heroes that we can even utter it. As George Washington said, “the American Christian would rather die on his feet than live on his knee”, likewise, we sing “Life in liberty or death” in our national anthem.

Although the Romania of freedom is young, we believe in its Euro-Atlantic pathway, its destiny as a model of democracy and prosperity. Together we must share a vision and accomplish a mission: freedom!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cristina
    Jul 06, 2015 @ 01:57:37

    The Constitution is based on the unalienable rights of people given by God, not some fundamental right given by the government.

    Europe never knew freedom and Romanians are in the same boat. They value security more than freedom.



  2. nicusoare
    Jul 06, 2015 @ 10:13:56

    Not to the extent that the USA has taken it, but you cannot compare it to the African / Asian ultra-hierarchy driven societies. We, europeans, still value security ( and equality ) more than freedom, but it’s a gray area, not black and white.



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